Our Gardens


The Cragford garden lies in a unique location at the cliff top immediately above
Gwenver surfing beach with it’s endless Atlantic rollers. As a result the garden experiences strong salt-laden winds for much of the year with more than adequate rainfall. Frosts are not usually a problem and the climate is exceptionally mild for most of the year.

The top part of the garden is well sheltered from wind by established hedges of Privet, Olearia, Bamboo and Escallonia. This protection { similar to that used in The Abbey Gardens, Tresco } has allowed us to grow many lovely varieties of Camellia which bloom from December to early May. Hydrangeas thrive in the moist marine air and we have about 80 different kinds – a special collection gradually built up over recent years. These plants start flowering in May and produce a spectacular display of colour right through to October with occasional blooms produced even in the winter.

Plants from South Africa and New Zealand also grow very well here at Cragford. Stunning clumps of Restio grasses are planted in the gardens below the house and are easily recognised by their elegant pincushion appearance. Agapanthus lilies produce a lovely display of blue and white flowers during the summer months. Evergreen Hebe shrubs never seem to stop growing and rare is the time when there is no flower to be seen !

The golden Cupressus macrocarpa stands up to anything the Atlantic can throw at it and there is a lovely hedge of this on the southern edge of the garden. Pampas grass also grow vigorously and are very useful because they provide a robust windbreak allowing weaker plants to gain a foothold.

A mention must be made of succulents – varieties of Aeonium enjoy the high light intensity and well drained granitic soils of Cragford . Further work is in progress to improve the rockery and stone walls with their graceful rosettes of emerald green or light blue leaves. Rosemary also likes the stone wall habitat and produces a most impressive show of flowers for much of the year.

The former kitchen garden area – a very dry ,sheltered , and sunny area – is a secluded part of the garden where one can enjoy a mass of beautiful flowering annual and perennial seaside plants in all shapes and sizes !

Needless to say the garden provides a challenging environment and there are great plans to grow different plant varieties for display in the near future.

I hope this brief description of our garden inspires you to enjoy the plants and flowers during your stay.

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